AP Biology

Course Expectations

This course is designed to prepare students for the college level Advanced Placement Biology Examination and is based on the curriculum established by the College Board. Students will be provided the opportunity to experience laboratory skills comparable to introductory college level Biology courses, including inquiry based labs and computerized data acquisition and analysis. This class requires learning at an accelerated pace due to the amount and complexity of the required material. Material will be covered through daily class activities, lectures, discussions, laboratories, and independent projects. A student’s success will depend on the time and effort that is invested into this course.

Students enrolling in the Advanced Placement Biology course should have a strong foundation in biology and chemistry. It is strongly suggested that students concurrently enroll in Honors Human Anatomy & Physiology.

All students must take the AP exam.

Course Documents

Most course documents are available on Google Classroom including:

◎ Course Syllabus

◎ Instructions to Register for Mastering Biology

◎ Instructions to Register for AP Classroom

◎ Summer Assignment

◎ Letter to Students and Parents

The following documents are embedded below:

◎ Safety Contract

◎ Science Department Policy on Late Work/Makeup Work

Safety Contract.pdf
Science Department Late Work Policy.pdf